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WorldCast Live – A Cloud-based Software for Interactive Streaming

  • One-stop Solution for Multiple Industries
  • Two-way Interactive Live Streaming
  • Web portal for Content Management
  • Customer Engagement Solutions

A US-based company reached out to us with a vision to stand out in the market by creating a unique platform for live interactive streaming and fan engagement. Understanding their ambition, we embarked on developing a groundbreaking solution that would transform how audiences engage with live-streamed content. Setting ourselves apart from existing platforms, we introduced a completely novel approach.
Our innovative software platform seamlessly merges live streaming, fan engagement, and world management, creating an unparalleled and immersive experience. This revolutionary solution redefines the landscape of live streaming, setting a new standard for captivating audience interaction.

Technologies Used

Time Spent

30 Months | 4 Resources


Supreme Technologies assisted the client in setting up a live interactive streaming platform that suits different industries. We also focused on engaging fans. At the same time, we smoothly added special tools for managing content to a flexible website. This system ensures that the right content gets to the right people at the right time, making the user experience much better.

Challenges Encountered

To set up something exceptional and unparalleled unwavering commitment, relentless effort, and an unwavering dedication to excellence are needed. During the development process of this live interactive software, our team encountered various challenges that tested our skills and expertise. 

Overcoming Technical Hurdles

We need to optimize video and audio delivery, minimize latency, and provide a smooth streaming experience for users worldwide.

Create Strong Infrastructure

We needed a robust and scalable infrastructure to support the increasing user base and handle high traffic volumes during live events.

Ensure Synchronization

Develop interactive chat functionalities and ensure real-time synchronization between the content creator and the audience.

Seamless User Experience

Content management proved to be a complex aspect of the development process. Content Creators need a flexible and intuitive system to efficiently organize and manage their materials, including live session scheduling, uploading resources, and managing playlists.

Solutions We Offered

Despite the challenges, our team’s expertise, collaborative approach, and dedication to delivering a reliable solution enabled us to overcome these obstacles and successfully develop a complex PHP-based live interactive software platform that empowers content creators across multiple industries worldwide. 

  • DJs and instrumentalists from different locations can perform at the same live event.
  • Corporate businesses can communicate with investors and employees worldwide in perfect sync.
  • Two-way streaming for effective interaction in educational institutes. Perfect audio/video sync for sharing video content.

Technologies Stack


Google Analytics
Facebook Pixel

Font Scripts

Google Font
Font Awesome

JavaScript Libraries

OWL Carousel

Programming Language




Web Servers







Google Maps

UI Frameworks

Animate CSS

Rich Text Editors


Streaming Software Solutions for Corporate Businesses

It was a unique and reliable source for corporate businesses. The software’s unique features include real-time fan engagement, seamless live streaming, intuitive content management, and robust security. This innovative solution has set them apart from competitors, captivating audiences worldwide and establishing long-lasting connections with their fans, students, fitness enthusiasts, and patients.

Virtual Classroom Solution for Online Learning

Supreme Technologies developed a module that is the ideal solution for educational institutions looking to navigate digital presence successfully. By offering a role-based management system, it empowers institutions to create customized profiles for staff, tutors, and students, ensuring controlled access to academic content while maintaining a productive learning environment. With a dedicated focus on data privacy, the platform employs robust security measures to protect sensitive information and stay up to date with evolving security threats.

Real-Time Fan Engagement 

To help the clients developed a real-time communication system, including interactive chat functionalities, to enable seamless interaction between content creators and their audience. Through the implementation of efficient message queues, WebSocket protocols, and event-driven architectures, we achieved synchronized and responsive fan engagement features.

User-Centric Content Management

We prioritized user experience in the content management system, focusing on intuitive interfaces and streamlined workflows. By conducting user testing and gathering feedback, we refined the system to make it user-friendly and efficient for content creators to organize and manage their materials effectively.

Customizable Features

Users are provided with custom features to make their streaming experience more effective. These features include API Pictures to customize the picture’s shape, add or change the event’s banner, and publish tool to publish created event.


By successfully overcoming development challenges, we have delivered remarkable results that have revolutionized our client’s businesses. Our innovative solution has enhanced their offerings and empowered them to thrive in today’s digital landscape. Whether a world-renowned DJ, passionate teacher, dynamic fitness instructor, or dedicated healthcare professional, our client has witnessed significant benefits that have taken their businesses to new heights.

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