We always want our clients to make huge profits from their business, and to make a profit; there has to be a good sales strategy for their product. Here comes the role of Salesforce consulting. We at Supreme Technologies bring together Salesforce consulting services and our custom development expertise to create solutions that effectively automate the tasks relating to marketing, sales, eCommerce, customer service, and data analysis.


Supreme Technologies takes up Salesforce consultancy projects of various scopes and solves the challenges of both SMEs and enterprises. We've been with Salesforce through its journey to become the #1 CRM platform and now can expertly help you unlock its capabilities. Today, we help companies make their first steps in business process automation, upgrade their Salesforce-based solutions, and reinforce their businesses with custom apps.

Salesforce Configuration & Implementation

Offering a clear-cut strategy to implement Salesforce solutions out of the box is what Supreme Technologies does. After the platform setup, we configure the features and UI to make the system user centric. We create workflows to automate data processing and add custom functionality and design when your requirements go beyond what's offered by default.

Platform Redesign & Upgrade

We help companies enhance their Salesforce implementations by solving performance issues and introducing upgrades via AppExchange plugins, custom-coded features and UI, or integrations with third-party software. After auditing the system, our team detects inefficiencies and finds ways to fix them and meet your needs.

Custom Apps

We use Apex, Visualforce, Heroku, Lighting Platform, and APIs to develop custom apps and contribute to your business productivity and customer experience. We use the Salesforce platform to deliver precisely fitting business software, from tailored user interfaces and dashboards to custom-coded business logic and integrations for data sync.
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As a Salesforce consulting company, Supreme Technologies takes a holistic approach to solving business challenges. We use our expertise to transform Salesforce's versatile capabilities into robust solutions in line with your goals. We keep in mind the needs and the demand of your customers so that you can make a profit from our projects.

Sales Management

To reinforce your sales strategies with technology, Supreme Technologies provides full-cycle services on Salesforce CRM, consulting, and implementation. We help you leverage the Sales Cloud tools to increase your sales teams' productivity, solve their challenges, and help them hit higher sales goals.

Marketing Automation

Our team delivers B2B and B2C marketing automation solutions on top of Salesforce to help companies engage their customers highly personalized.

Service Support

We deploy Salesforce Cloud service for you to deliver exceptional customer support across all touchpoints. When configured by our team, marketing Cloud service can improve service agents' productivity and CSAT scores and reduce the average case resolution time.


Our team delivers Salesforce Commerce solutions for a unified online and offline shopping experience. We guide B2C and B2B companies toward digital sales success by applying intelligent eCommerce tools.


Our team's expertise allows us to take up Salesforce implementation projects at various lifecycle stages. We can step in early to consult on choosing the most suitable Salesforce product, configure it to meet your business needs, and add custom functionality when out-of-the-box features are not enough. For mature implementations, we provide maintenance and user training to ensure every solution brings maximum returns.
As a top Salesforce consulting company, we leverage our extensive CRM consulting experience to offer the most fitting solution at the initial stages of Salesforce implementation:
  • Advising on the Salesforce suite
  • Mapping of business objectives to Salesforce capabilities
  • Salesforce performance audit and optimization for existing implementations
  • Proof of concept (POC)
We stay clear of Salesforce implementation pits, so we follow a meticulous strategy that includes:
  • Implementation planning
  • Business process design in Salesforce Clouds
  • Salesforce configuration (user roles, security settings, workflows, reports, dashboards, etc.)
  • Salesforce UI design
  • Data migration
  • Salesforce integration with other systems
Supreme Technologies team works to make every Salesforce project a success with the users by tailoring the platform to their precise needs through:
  • Requirements evaluation and customization planning
  • Salesforce custom development with Apex, Lighting, and Visualforce
  • Upgrade of Salesforce custom modules
  • Salesforce UI customizations
  • Custom workflows and rules
  • Custom apps and web portals
In order to connect multiple data sources to the platform, we fall on Salesforce integration tools, both ready-made and developed on purpose:
  • Data exchange setup to and from ERPs, ecommerce platforms, collaboration systems, etc.
  • Salesforce-to-cloud integration (built-in and third-party APIs)
  • Salesforce-to-on-premise integration (built-in and third-party APIs)
  • Development of custom integration modules
  • Customization of AppExchange integration apps
To maximize your Salesforce buy-in rates, we pitch in during the sensitive period of adoption with:
  • Ongoing support and system upgrades
  • Performance monitoring
  • Issue prevention, detection, and resolution
  • Data migration
  • User adoption strategy development
  • User training and support
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To contribute to your business growth, we mainly focus on innovation and delivering scalable, efficient software.

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We keep a check on the quality of our Salesforce for your business.

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Our team consists of Salesforce consultants, business analysts, designers, developers, and testers.

Mature Expertise

With top-level Sr. Developers, we work with mature expertise to put your work on top.

Worldwide Recognition

We are trusted by over 500 clients globally, including startups and Fortune 500 companies.

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98% of our clients highlight the exceptional quality of our solutions.

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