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About Us

Supreme Technologies is one of the masters of end-to-end web solutions. We provide advanced solutions in Web Design and Web Development fine-tuned to your needs, which help establish your brand and complement your online marketing strategy. Passionate about delivering high quality results, we have been a preferred choice of businesses across industries and geographies for outsourcing their web and mobile development requirements.

What makes us stand out is our constant endeavour to innovate and establish unparalleled concepts, backed by our technical expertise and robust team of professionals? Our immensely talented and all-around team of web developers, Graphic Designers and Internet Marketers marches along you throughout your journey to establish your brand, captivate customers, and realize your vision. We are your go-to for websites high on both visual appeal and utility.

Our Timeline History


Founded by Karan Jamwal & Manish Katoch

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Lead to More than 50 major Projects

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Team reached 45+ with 1,000+ paying customers

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Experienced Team

Team Supreme Technologies is a perfect blend of visionaries, technical architects, project managers, designers, programmers, testers and server administrators. We have a perfect combination of resources which help us deliver the best possible results for all client’s project after project. The whole team excels not just on the technical front but also on communication front which is the backbone to get that perfect solution delivered.

The average age of our workers is 27 and the average experience in IT is 6 years. They are young, mentally nimble and well-versed in the latest technologies. Many of them started working with us as senior university students or right after graduation.

Our strengths

Special Attention

Each customer’s case is thoroughly examined by our team. Further as per the requirements of the project, a dedicated team of business analysts is engaged to analyse and understand the client’s main objective. So a solution can be found that will fulfil their product needs.

Immaculate Quality Product

Each project is monitored under the supervision of a dedicated quality assurance team, who keeps an eye on all project activities and results, after each development phase.

Complete Lucidness

While going through each phase step wise, our experts provide completely sound assistance on technology and application designing options, depending upon their specific requirements.

Our Vision

We strive to make powerful, yet simple web applications that harmonize with the business philosophy of our clients. We endeavour to provide our clients highly customized solutions keeping in mind their end-goals and current trends.

We always strive to provide unparalleled web solutions and services to our clients that help them grow their business, and widen their customer base. We at Supreme Technologies aim to become a premier Web Design and Web Development Company in the region by helping customers realize their business goals through clean and comprehensive web solutions. We endeavor to come up with matchless web designs that besides attracting new customers add to their number of returning customers.

Our Business philosophy

Understanding Client’s Requirements

A thorough study each to customer’s case to understand clearly their objectives is provided by our teams. So, that unswerving and resourceful solutions can be delivered to them. We analyse. Initially, we analyse all the possible options and then switch to providing relevant and appropriate advice to our awesome clients.

Utmost Valuable Clients

Supreme Technologies team is committed to bring positive results which results in delivering maximum value to its clients in order to help them to get victory in continuously changeable business world. Our main business ethic is understanding the fact that our success is measured by our client’s success.

Partner With Patrons

At Supreme Technologies, we usually cover extra miles to turn out to be our patron’s enduring and faithful partner. We here in Supreme Technologies not only give priority to provide professional services and solutions to our clients, but we concentrate on being truly faithful partners who are dedicated to meeting their client needs in present-day and supporting them till end during growing business.

Working with us

Just as we acquaint ourselves with your needs, we give you insights into our way of working, which makes it easy for you to take over your website and campaign launches with confidence. We hold effective communication and sound project management skills in high regard.

We obligate a dedicated team of multi-faceted professionals to each and every project, which will accompany you right from the germination of the project to its completion. And this association continues beyond the completion of the project in the form of an out-and-out support team.