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Trips Management System for Universal Weather and Aviation

  • Crew and Passengers management feature for adding new crew members to the trip.
  • A calendar view of all trip data using the Big Calendar package.
  • Manifest Modules to handle various aspects of a trip organization, such as tracking passenger details, coordinating ground services, and managing logistics.

Supreme Technologies was tasked with developing a comprehensive Trips Management System for Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. The objective was to streamline the process of managing complex, multi-leg trips for their clients, who rely on business aircraft for critical operations worldwide. By proactively identifying potential challenges, adapting to regulatory changes, and staying ahead of unforeseen events, the system aimed to reduce the risk and stress associated with trip management.

About the Project

Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. sought to enhance their trips management process to support its clients’ critical operations. Supreme Technologies undertook the project to develop a comprehensive solution that would address the challenges faced by Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. in handling complex, multi-leg trips. The system aimed to identify potential challenges proactively, adapt to changing regulations, and effectively mobilize resources to ensure successful trip execution.


Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. is a global organization that drives worldwide commerce and facilitates disaster relief efforts. They required a robust system to manage the complexities of their clients’ trips, enabling them to navigate an ever-changing regulatory environment and stay ahead of unforeseen events. Supreme Technologies was developing a modern and efficient Trips Management System to streamline operations and reduce the risk for Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.

Challenges Encountered

During the project, our development team encountered several challenges that required innovative solutions. The major challenges include the following:

  • Migration from KnockoutJS to ReactJS: The previous version of the manifest management system was built on the outdated KnockoutJS framework. Supreme Technologies faced the challenge of migrating the entire system to ReactJS while ensuring seamless functionality and preserving existing features.
  • Calendar View for Trips: Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. required a calendar view to display all trip data simultaneously. Supreme Technologies had to integrate the React Big Calendar package and customize it to meet the specific requirements, providing a comprehensive and visually appealing view of the trips and their schedules.

Solutions We Offered

1. Migration to ReactJS

The migration from the outdated KnockoutJS framework to ReactJS was a critical step in modernizing the Trips Management System. Supreme Technologies undertook the task with careful planning and meticulous execution. Our React team started by analyzing the existing system’s architecture and functionality to determine the scope of the migration. The process begins with rewriting the codebase using ReactJS for its modular and component-based nature. This transition offered several advantages, including improved code maintainability, enhanced development efficiency, and access to a vast ecosystem of React-based tools and libraries.

Our team ensured existing features and functionalities were seamlessly incorporated into the new React-based system during migration. We thoroughly tested each component and functionality to ensure the system retained its intended behavior and reliability. Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. gained a more robust and future-ready Trips Management System through this migration.

2. Integration of React Big Calendar

A comprehensive calendar view was required to display all trip data simultaneously. To fulfill this requirement, we integrated the React Big Calendar package and customized it to meet the specific needs of the Trips Management System. It provided a flexible and visually appealing calendar interface that could handle the complexities of displaying multiple trips and their associated details. We incorporated our expertise in ReactJS to tailor the calendar view to align with Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.’s requirements.

The integration of React Big Calendar provided a holistic and user-friendly view of all trips, enabling users to manage schedules, track progress, and coordinate resources efficiently. The visually appealing interface enhanced user experience and facilitated better decision-making in trip management.

By incorporating ReactJS and customizing the React Big Calendar package, our team offered a powerful and intuitive solution that met the specific needs of Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.’s Trips Management System.


The Trips Management System significantly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of trip management for Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. Streamlined Crew and Passenger Management, enhanced user experience and productivity, andsystem’s modular design and adaptability ensure that it can evolve alongside changing business requirements and technological advancements. Supreme Technologies’ expertise in ReactJS, along with their ability to address complex challenges, enabled the successful delivery of a comprehensive and efficient Trips Management System for Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.

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