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Supreme offers the best SEM strategies to grow your business in a competitive marketplace.

Supreme Technologies is a performance-driven SEM company in Mohali, Chandigarh that uses PPC advertising & SEO to attract more search users. We design paid ads that have the power to influence search users to take meaningful actions that benefit your business. Also, with our SEO strategies, we increase your brand’s visibility in leading search engines.

We are an SEM company offering personalized marketing services to successfully promote your online assets as per your marketing budget. Our cost-effective PPC services deliver tailored search engine marketing to ensure the placement of your search ads in relevant places.

Our SEO strategies are developed to attract measurable results for diverse businesses which includes better rankings, relevant traffic, and eventually leads. We leverage the immense potential of SEO for organic growth. With us as your partner, enjoy improved sales and increased web traffic to achieve your business goals.

What Can You Expect from us?

Everyone can say that we can derive the results that will help your business grow, but what else can we do for you & what can you expect from us?

Solutions Customized For Your Business

We are committed to providing our customers with a personalized experience; therefore, we will tailor every solution to your business's specifications.

Your Time And Money Are Precious For Us

To please our clients, we will provide you with the greatest technological solutions based on your budget and deliver the entire project on time.

Skilled, Experienced, And Highly Proficient Marketers

Skills are nothing if one doesn't have the experience to put them in the right place. We are skilled, experienced, and highly proficient in what we do.

Available For Support 24/7

Constant communication is the key to achieve the desired results that our clients are aiming for & that is why we are available for 24/7 technical support.

Focussed On Organic Growth

We follow a unique perspective & approach to focus on organic growth cause this is what matters the most to us and for our clients.

One Stop Solution To Every Problem

Need designing, developing or marketing solutions? We are it!!! We are a one stop solution, so that you don’t have to visit others to do little tasks for you.

SEM Services We Offer

With Supreme Technologies, you provide your external and internal users with sleek, productive, and easy-to-use mobile solutions. In return, they pay you back with increased loyalty and real-world engagement. To secure coverage of all dimensions of the solution's quality, our mobile app developers focus on: 

  • Search Advertising

    Search advertising, also known as Pay-Per-Click advertising, increases your presence on search engine results pages. We guarantee optimal ad effectiveness by strategically placing sponsored advertising for relevant keywords.

  • Remarketing Ads

    Our SEM specialists connect out to internet visitors who have expressed interest in your business's offering through remarketing adverts. These users are given the option to interact with the brand's offering and conduct a previously unperformed activity.

  • Social Media Marketing

    SMO strategies are a must to grow the overall presence of a brand. We manage your business' social media accounts using a well-defined SMO strategy to increase the visibility and presence.

  • Display Advertising

    Attract online users with static or interactive ads through web banners, video ads, and more. Our creative team will collaborate with you to produce the desired ad content.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    It may look like a lesser part of SEM services, but paid advertising goes so far. To gain organic traffic and lead Search Engine Optimization is the only way. Using our SEO services, you may improve your organic search engine rankings.

Why Choose Supreme Technologies as your SEM Agency?

Supreme Technologies demonstrates the efficient use of expertise to manage SEM for reputable firms with a variety of objectives.

Expertise that are competent than the industry

Through our relationship, you will have access to a pool of digital marketing specialists, multimedia designers, and content strategists. Our Search Engine Marketing services make it affordable for your organization to take advantage of our skilled marketing professionals.


Growth might mean different things to different businesses. Whether you want to achieve specific objectives with a limited budget or explore development opportunities with aggressive campaigns, we can fit your growth requirements.

Response-Oriented Group

We think that when you employ our SEM services, we become a member of your team. Our SEM team members, including PPC service specialists, will answer your inquiries and collaborate with your team members to produce fruitful outcomes for your firm.

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Search Engine Marketing FAQs

Nowadays, every customer performs online research before making a purchase. Most of them have high purchasing intent. Search Engine Marketing is the art of converting such visitors reaching various search engines into customers. The aim of SEM is to enhance the visibility of your website within the search results for keywords related to your business. It will help your brand connect with high-converting customers and increase your ROI.

SEM is not a single term. In fact, it is an umbrella term comprising several activities including Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SSM), Visitor Analysis, Content Marketing, etc.

Search engines use algorithms to rank search engine marketing advertisements and determine their search relevancy. Paid advertising is done to ensure the visibility of your products or services on search engine result pages (SERPs) when a user puts in a query. Advertisers bid for a keyword for which they want to display their ads. When a user types a particular search query, the advertiser who bids the highest for that keyword will get his ads displayed at first. Therefore, SEM strategies will help you stand out in the market and beat your competition.

Search Engine Marketing is a vital part of the digital marketing strategy made by any business. It helps you choose the most accurate and appropriate keywords for your web page, which will in turn boost traffic on the website. Businesses depend on Search Engine Marketing to enhance their online presence. It will increase traffic to your website and convert more leads into customers.

Search Engine Marketing is often confused with Search Engine Optimization. However, both terms are related to each other but they are different in actuality. Search engine optimization focuses on bringing organic traffic to your website whereas SEM focuses on getting organic and paid search to the website. SEM is an umbrella term that includes SEO and PPC

In the era of digital marketing, SEM or PPC has made a prominent place. Every business is looking for PPC advertising as a way to make a better brand reach. It is often difficult for them to choose between in-house search engine marketing and outsourced SEM vendors. The decision entirely depends on your marketing objectives and goals. However, it is always convenient to outsource SEM professionals. An Outsourced SEM professional will have deep insight into different domains and industry vertices. They help in the proper management of marketing campaigns and always keep an eye on the competitors.

If you are putting effort and investment into paid marketing, you will surely want to track its success. Search engine marketing is highly measurable. You can measure the success rate by considering the following aspects:

  • Determine the conversion rate to gauge the ROI that your website may deliver.
  • How long does a visitor spend on your page? It is a measure to understand how people engage with your website after clicking through an ad.
  • The Click-through rate is an indicator of your ad's Quality Score. Higher the number of clicks, the better your ad scores.
  • Keep track of the money spent on keywords that don’t produce any results. It will help you remove such negative keywords from your marketing campaign.
  • How much time do visitors spend scrolling down individual pages? If visitors are scrolling down deep, it means they are getting relevant content on your website.