Kalgreens Architects

Kalgreens Architects Inc. A Blueprint for Success in the Digital Age

Client Background

Kalgreens Architects Inc. stands as a pillar in the architectural and property development industry with a legacy spanning over two decades. Based in Ontario, the firm has crafted a reputation for innovative design across major Canadian cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. Despite their success, Kalgreens recognized a growing challenge: their digital presence did not adequately reflect their industry leadership or the breadth of their expertise, limiting their ability to attract a modern, online-savvy audience..

Technologies Used

Time Spent

7 Days

The Challenge: Enhancing Online Visibility

Kalgreens struggled to translate its physical acclaim into digital success. Their online visibility was overshadowed by competitors, hindering their ability to attract new audiences and limiting growth opportunities. The goal was to elevate their online presence to match their offline legacy.

Goals and Objectives

  • Enhance brand awareness across digital platforms.
  • Drive targeted website traffic to showcase their portfolio and services.
  • Generate high-quality leads from potential clients and partners.
  • Improve overall website conversions, turning visitors into inquiries and contracts.

Strategic Overhaul: A Comprehensive Approach

Website Revamp: Building a Digital Gateway
  • Enhanced the user interface and experience with a seamless, intuitive layout.
  • SEO and structure optimization for better search engine ranking.
  • Introduction of keyword-oriented content across service pages.
Google Ads Campaign: Precision Targeting
  • Advanced keyword research focusing on high volume and low CPC keywords.
  • Created separate landing pages for each service with targeted keywords and compelling CTAs.
  • Launched structured ad campaigns with engaging narratives and strategic keyword use.
Social Media Optimization: Expanding Digital Reach
  • Transformed their Instagram presence with engaging static posts highlighting architectural projects.
  • Regular updates to foster community and drive website traffic.
Content and SEO Strategy: Building Digital Authority
  • Created backlinks and registered on relevant business listings.
  • Regularly updated their blog with fresh, relevant content rich in valuable information and insights.

Google Ads Performance

CA$ 4,000 budget, 2.62K clicks, 60 direct inquiries, 4.29% conversion rate, 38.2K impressions.

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