Investing.Biz – Customized Financial Calculator Website Development

  • Designed to simplify complex investment-related calculations.
  • The responsive and scalable website design allows easy access.
  • A clean and intuitive user interface with clear instructions, tooltips, and a streamlined layout.

Supreme Technologies was tasked with developing a customized calculator for a prominent financial services provider. The client aimed to simplify complex financial calculations and make them accessible to many users, regardless of their accounting skills. With our expertise in web development and a commitment to delivering innovative solutions, we created tailor-made calculators to revolutionize how individuals approach financial planning. 

Technologies Used

Time Spent

10 weeks | 2 Resources

About the Project

In today’s fast-paced world, investing has become essential for individuals to secure their financial future. The client recognized the need to empower everyday people by providing them with a user-friendly platform to perform complex financial calculations. By doing so, they aimed to bridge the gap between people’s financial goals and their ability to achieve them.

Challenges Encountered

During the execution of the project, the development team encountered several challenges that needed to be addressed effectively. The major challenges included the following:

The complexity of Calculations

Financial calculations can involve intricate formulas, algorithms, and variables. Developing accurate calculators that could handle these complex calculations while ensuring precision was a significant challenge. Our team carefully analyzed each calculation requirement and implemented the logic to produce accurate results.

Accountancy Skills Requirement

Many existing financial calculators in the market assume users possess accounting knowledge or require professional assistance to use them effectively. However, this project aimed to create calculators accessible to individuals without a background in accounting.

Simplification of User Interface

The user interface of the calculators needed to be designed in a way that users with limited accounting knowledge could easily understand and interact with. This required careful consideration of the layout, labeling, and instructions provided within the calculators. The team focused on creating a clean and user-friendly interface that guided users through the calculation process step by step.

Automation and Guidance

Another aspect was to automate complex calculations as much as possible. Users could input their financial data without performing the calculations manually by providing predefined fields, dropdown menus, and interactive elements. Additionally, the team implemented tooltips, contextual help, and explanations to guide users through the input requirements and clarify unfamiliar terms or concepts.

Solutions We Offered

To address the client’s requirements and overcome the challenges, we implemented the following solutions:

Customized WordPress Development 

We built a WordPress website from scratch, leveraging the flexibility and scalability of the platform. WordPress provided a solid foundation for creating a dynamic and interactive website that could handle complex financial calculations. We utilized its extensive plugin ecosystem to enhance functionality and ensure seamless integration with the custom financial calculators.

Custom Financial Calculators

Our team of experienced developers created a comprehensive set of financial calculators using PHP, MySQL, jQuery, and Bootstrap. We carefully analyzed the client’s requirements and designed calculators that covered a wide range of financial activities, including interest rates, future value, present value, income tax estimation, refund calculations, EMI calculations, and return rates.

Interest Calculators

We developed calculators to determine compound interest, simple interest, and mortgage interest. Users could input the relevant variables, such as principal amount, interest rate, and time period, and obtain accurate calculations in real-time.

Investment Calculators

Users could enter investment amounts, expected rates of return, and time periods to assess potential growth and make informed investment decisions.

Tax Calculators

These calculators consider various factors, including income sources, deductions, and tax brackets, to give users accurate estimations. This helped individuals plan their finances effectively and optimize their tax situations.

Loan Calculators

These calculators consider various factors, including income sources, deductions, and tax brackets, to give users accurate estimations. This helped individuals plan their finances effectively and optimize their tax situations.

Return Calculators

 It was designed to help users assess investment returns based on different scenarios. Users could input investment amounts, time periods, and expected rates of return to compare potential outcomes. This allowed them to make data-driven investment decisions and evaluate the feasibility of different investment options.

User-Friendly Interface

We focused on creating a clean and intuitive user interface for financial calculators. Our design team carefully crafted a streamlined layout that prioritized simplicity and ease of use. Clear instructions were provided alongside each calculator, guiding users through the input fields and explaining the calculations performed. We incorporated tooltips and help sections to provide additional guidance and ensure a seamless user experience.

Responsive and Scalable Design

We ensured that the website and calculators were designed to be responsive, adapting to different screen sizes and devices. This allowed users to access the calculators conveniently from desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Additionally, we built the website with scalability in mind, allowing for the easy addition of new calculators or modifications in the future as per the client’s evolving needs.

We successfully created a robust and user-friendly platform that simplified complex financial calculations by implementing these solutions. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive financial calculators, the customized WordPress website empowers users to make informed financial decisions and confidently plan their investments.


Our solutions significantly benefited the client’s business, transforming their operations and enhancing their overall success. By automating complex calculations, we improved efficiency and minimized the risk of human error. The seamless and intuitive nature of the calculators enhanced user satisfaction and encouraged repeat visits to the website. This expanded customer base opened up new business opportunities for the client.

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