Intranet Portal Development

Supreme Technologies develops and updates organizational Intranet portals; to increase the productivity of employees, and increase teamwork, which leads to healthier results for the organization. We are one of the best corporate intranet portal development companies in the market. This intranet helped the employees with better coordination between them.


With our top experts in the field of technology, Supreme Technologies helps to develop a best-in-class and updated organization-wide communication platform, which would help the employees to work efficiently as a team. Giving you the best communication output is what we are good at.

Design & Development

Being able to use anywhere, our intranets are usable on any device whether it is a mobile device or a computer. Giving you the best intranet service is our top priority, whether you use it in-house or on the cloud.

Deployment & Tuning

We set up corporate intranets in your environment and configure them to meet your specific business requirements, organizational structure, and communication workflows.

Support & Integration

We integrate business intranet solutions to interoperability and we also provide proper support for your intranet set-up, so that you face no problems; and the intranet keeps running smoothly.


Employee intranet development can be done in one of two ways: custom or platform-based solutions. You opt for a befitting choice and leave the rest to Supreme Technologies: we'll help you from the first prototype to the launch and long-term maintenance of your intranet.

Custom Intranets

We provide custom Intranets software solutions, which are suitable for your company’s profile and in accordance with your company's guidelines. We make customs intranets that would suit the company's communication needs, employee productivity, and much more.

Platform-Based Intranets

If you like your last business portal, then we would take them and update it in accordance with the latest trends. You determine the scope of platform customization, planned integration scope, and post-deployment assistance effort needed.
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Supreme Technologies specializes in intranet design and growth for businesses looking to enhance their workflow, content, and collaboration management. 
  • Across time zones and locations, there are no obstacles in connectivity.
  • Content discovery and reusing are made much easier.
  • Information exchange that is easy to manage.
  • Organizational culture can be implanted more quickly.
  • Company processes that are well-organized.
  • Unnecessary emails, meetings, and paperwork are no longer a waste of time.
  • Personal and team productivity has improved
  • Professional growth and appreciation that is open and transparent.


With the innovation in the latest technologies, it has become easier for us to work remotely. So Supreme Technologies also makes a mobile intranet for the employees who are currently not available on their computer. This helps employees to work for the organization from any place and at any time for the best productivity of their work. This not only increases the efficiency of the employees, but it also increases the productivity of the employees, which in short helps the company to get its work done quickly.


Business Focus

We equip our intranets with these must-have features that streamline everyday business operations and content sharing.
  • Workflow automation
  • Team networking
  • Content management
  • Project management
  • Time tracking
  • Performance assessment
  • Learning and knowledge management

Social Hub

Our intranets are the places where employees meet, share their thoughts, and socialize in vibrant communities.
  • Personal and public blogs
  • Communities and groups of interest
  • Informal chats and discussion boards
  • Media content management
  • Contests and ratings
  • Rewards and bonuses
  • Social engagement
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On-demand services for the companies which want a better working of their intranet portal for the better and more efficient working of their employees. We work for them, who want to update and want more new features for their portals.
Supreme Technologies provides proper intranet consulting for its clients so that they can get the best out of it and turn their employees into more efficient ones. We help you with proper strategies that might help you with the proper and efficient working of your portal.
After setting up the portal in your company, we go through proper end-to-end testing of your portal to detect any kind of problem, so that there is no deviation from your work. We also deliver a detailed report on what is to be done and how any kind of problem or defect is to be handled.
We will also help you to change your intranet environment and update your platform for better performance, to make them easy to use and support.
Redesigning your intranet’s looks and feel can result in effective solutions to both technological and adoption issues. Sticking to intranet design trends, we revoke intranet layouts and apply them in your respective environment.


We assess your intranet performance in depth and eliminate architectural mistakes, system lags, code errors, as well as UI/UX issues. We aim to make the deployment both functionally powerful and attractive for end-users.
We protect your intranet against cyber-attacks and data leaks with relevant security controls throughout all intranet layers. We also provide intranet admins with the necessary tools for ongoing monitoring of the environment and user activity.
When providing intranet development software, we focus on employees’ needs. Every feature we implement is to cover specific activities of a defined user group, team, or department, and to fit into a particular collaboration model.
Intranets should go in step both with your business and technological advances. We have the expertise to enrich our solutions with AR and AI to give employees more options to collaborate and consume corporate content.
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