Indigo Visual

Indigo Visual – A Cloud-based Software Solution for Content Management and App Integration

  • A cloud-based solution to revolutionize business communication and engagement strategies.
  • Improved features like playlist integration and third-party apps for platform versatility.
  • Streamlined File Management to upload and share multi-page documents seamlessly.

Supreme Technologies was tasked with developing a cloud-based software solution. This comprehensive platform aimed to revolutionize communication and engagement strategies for businesses. This high-end software enables users to share content, integrate existing applications, and create compelling messages that drive audience interaction and boost business outcomes.

Indigo allows you to display key performance indicators (KPIs) in a visually appealing format to enhance productivity. By showcasing real-time data and metrics, you can identify areas for improvement and drive better production outcomes.

Technologies Used

Time Spent

8 Months

About the Project

Indigo is a leading cloud-based software solution provider that empowers businesses to create compelling and engaging content for their audience. The platform seamlessly integrates with your existing apps, allowing you to deliver messages that captivate and inspire action. Its seamless possibilities are dedicated to revolutionizing communication and enhancing workplace culture.


In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, organizations across industries faces the challenge of effectively communicating with customers, employees, and guests. Traditional communication methods often fail to capture the audience’s attention and encourage meaningful engagement. Recognizing this need, Supreme Technologies developed Indigo, a cloud-based software solution to revolutionize communication strategies by leveraging digital signage.

Indigo is a cloud-based software to create dynamic content with minimal effort. 

Challenges Encountered

During the development and implementation of Indigo, Our team encountered several challenges that required thoughtful consideration and innovative solutions. These challenges included:

Lack of Essential Features

Clients expressed the need for additional functionalities within the Indigo app, particularly in the playlist module. This module required the ability to upload songs and create playlists seamlessly.

Integration of Third-party Apps

The integration of popular third-party applications, such as HTML5, YouTube, and Google Sheets, posed technical complexities that must be addressed to ensure smooth and efficient communication across platforms.

File Conversion and Management

Uploading and managing files, especially multi-page documents like PDFs, created a big challenge. The process required each page to be uploaded separately, leading to inefficiency and user inconvenience.

Solutions We Offered

To address the client’s requirements and overcome the challenges faced, our team of expert React developers offered solutions for successfully implementing the client’s requirements. These solutions included:

Enhanced Playlist Module

The development team recognized the importance of audio content in engaging audiences effectively. To meet the client’s requirements, our team extended the functionality of the playlist module within Indigo. Users were now able to upload songs and create personalized playlists seamlessly. This enhancement allowed clients to curate dynamic and captivating audio experiences tailored to their target audience. With the improved playlist module, organizations could experience the power of music and audio content to create a more immersive and engaging communication strategy.

Seamless Integration of Third-party Apps

Understanding the need for a comprehensive communication platform, Supreme Technologies focused on integrating popular third-party applications into Indigo. By seamlessly integrating HTML5, YouTube, and Google Sheets, clients gained access to a wider range of content sources and interactive features. This integration ensured a seamless flow of information and content across platforms, allowing organizations to leverage the capabilities of these widely used apps within the Indigo platform. Users could now incorporate YouTube videos, interactive HTML5 elements, and real-time data from Google Sheets into their digital signage displays, enhancing the effectiveness and interactivity of their messages.

Cache Model Implementation

To enhance the performance and improve the overall user experience of Indigo, Supreme Technologies implemented a cache model using Redis cache. Redis is an open-source, in-memory data structure store that can be used as a cache, database, or message broker. By utilizing Redis cache, the development team aimed to optimize the software’s responsiveness and minimize the load on the server. The cache model implementation involved storing frequently accessed data in the Redis cache. This data included frequently requested playlists, content metadata, user preferences, and other relevant information critical to the application’s functioning.

Streamlined File Conversion and Management

Supreme Technologies recognized the challenges of file conversion and management, mainly when dealing with multi-page documents like PDFs. The development team introduced an optimized file upload system in Indigo to address this issue. Leveraging advanced algorithms, the system automatically processed multi-page documents and converted them into individual files. This solution eliminated the need for users to upload each page separately, saving time and effort. Organizations could efficiently manage their content library and seamlessly incorporate multi-page documents into their digital signage displays by streamlining the file conversion and management process.


Our cloud-based software solution has revolutionized communication strategies for organizations across diverse industries. It transformed our client’s digital signage platform with the enhanced playlist module, seamless integration of popular third-party applications, and streamlined file conversion and management. Supreme Technologies’ commitment to addressing client needs, overcoming challenges, and providing innovative solutions has solidified Indigo as a game-changing software solution in digital signage and communication strategies.

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