FRP Live

FRP Live – A customized software for Music Industry

  • Empowers DJs with emotional, Billboard, and popular track data for playlists.
  • Advanced search for DJs: Keywords, artists, and song names for quick track access.
  • Empowering DJs, labels, artists with 24/7 AI music promotion tools globally.

Supreme Technologies collaborated with FRP Live, a leading record pool, to enhance their existing APIs, front-end, and admin panel. By leveraging innovative ideas and highly technological tools, we successfully transformed FRP Live into the most advanced platform for music professionals. Our comprehensive solution addressed key challenges and introduced groundbreaking features, revolutionizing the music industry network.

Technologies Used

Time Spent

8 weeks / 2 resources

About the Project

FRP Live, an esteemed record pool, sought to create a seamless platform connecting DJs worldwide. They aimed to provide DJs with the right music while offering record labels and artists an avenue to promote their music effectively. They partnered with Supreme Technologies to revamp their existing infrastructure and optimize their operations to achieve this vision.


Our client recognized the need for a more advanced platform to bridge the gap between music creators and DJs. They required a state-of-the-art website, mobile app, and desktop application to enable users to access a vast music library and cutting-edge tools anytime. Additionally, they faced challenges in extracting emotions from tracks and optimizing slow MySQL queries for efficient searching and ordering.

Indigo is a cloud-based software to create dynamic content with minimal effort. 

Challenges Encountered

Throughout the project, FRP Live encountered several challenges that demanded innovative solutions.

Extracting Emotions from Tracks

Extracting emotions from tracks solely based on beats proved complex. It required advanced algorithms and the integration of machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques.

Slow MySQL Queries

The existing platform suffered from slow queries affecting search functionality and overall system performance. These queries needed optimization to ensure fast and accurate results, even with a growing music database.

Ordering Tracks by Search Keyword

When users search for tracks using keywords like song names or artist names, it is crucial to present the most relevant results at the top. Our team implemented a sorting mechanism that ranked tracks based on how well they matched the search keywords.

Solutions We Offered

Supreme Technologies offered comprehensive solutions to address the challenges faced by FRP Live.

Emotion Extraction

To overcome the challenge of extracting emotions from tracks, we leveraged the capabilities of EssentiaJS and TensorFlowJS, two powerful libraries for audio analysis and machine learning. Our team developed a sophisticated algorithm that could accurately identify emotions based on various audio features.

MySQL Query Optimization

By optimizing slow MySQL queries, FRP Live improved search speed for DJs using keywords. These enhancements enhanced the user experience, scalability, and overall system performance, ensuring efficient music browsing for all platform users.


The collaboration between FRP Live and Supreme Technologies yielded remarkable results. The advanced track emotions extraction feature empowered DJs to curate playlists that perfectly align with the desired emotional experience. This innovation revolutionized how DJs approached music selection, enhancing engagement and audience satisfaction.

Our solutions enabled FRP Live to become the premier record pool online, drawing music professionals worldwide. Through our top-notch tech, FRP Live made the music industry network better, connecting creators, DJs, and listeners more effectively.

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