FreeTube – A Cloud-storage Solution for Video Streaming Platform

  • Faster and Secure Data transfer from local server to Blackblaze bucket.
  • A flexible and scalable subscription plugin to implement Live streaming.
  • Excellent video streaming experience without interruptions or storage inefficiencies.

Supreme Technologies partnered with a prominent video streaming platform to develop a revolutionary cloud-based storage platform. Our expertise in cloud computing and video streaming enabled us to overcome significant challenges and deliver an innovative solution that transformed the client’s video storage and streaming capabilities. It is a cloud-based storage platform that revolutionizes how videos are stored and streamed.

Technologies Used

Time Spent

4 Months | 2 resources


Our client, a rapidly growing video streaming platform, faced the daunting task of managing their expanding library of HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) videos. They sought a robust and scalable storage solution to facilitate seamless video uploads, enable customized encryption plugins, implement a subscription model with advanced sharing capabilities, and support live streaming. Supreme Technologies stepped in as a trusted partner to address their complex requirements.

Challenges Encountered

Our team of developers met unique challenges while developing a cloud-based storage platform. The major challenges encountered include

Upload Process Issues

The initial upload process suffered from timeouts, resulting in incomplete transfers. Some folders were not properly uploaded, leading to data inconsistencies. Additionally, the upload process sometimes fails to delete folders from the local disk after the successful transfer to the cloud storage, causing unnecessary storage clutter and potential data duplication.

Local Disk Management

There were difficulties in deleting folders from the local disk after successful upload to the cloud, causing storage inefficiencies and potential data duplication.

Decoding Plugin Code

The client requested customized encryption plugins, but decoding the existing plugin’s code using available tools proved unsatisfactory, hindering progress on the customization front. However, the existing plugin code could not be effectively decoded using available tools, making it difficult to understand and modify the encryption functionality. This hindered progress on the customization front and posed a significant roadblock in meeting the client’s requirements.

Solutions We Offered

We deeply analyzed the company’s existing needs and processes to provide comprehensive solutions for the client’s requirements. Our set of solutions includes the following:

Streamlined Video Upload Process

To address the upload process issues encountered by the client, Supreme Technologies implemented a comprehensive solution that streamlined the entire video upload process. The goal was to ensure reliable and efficient transfers, eliminate timeouts, and optimize storage utilization. Our team developed a direct upload mechanism that allowed videos to be transferred directly from the local server to the BlackBlaze cloud storage. This eliminated the need for intermediate steps and reduced the chances of data loss or inconsistencies. 

Customized Encrypted Plugins

While working on the cloud-storage solution the major challenge was to decrypt the encrypted plugins. The team recognized the importance of closely collaborating with the client to thoroughly understand their requirements and desired customizations. We engaged in extensive discussions with the client to comprehend their specific needs and goals. Next, the team conducted an in-depth analysis of the existing encrypted plugins. This involved studying the underlying code, deciphering its functionalities, and identifying areas that required modification.

Enhanced Subscription Model and Sharing Features

In order to enhance the subscription model and introduce advanced sharing capabilities, we undertook a thorough analysis of the client’s existing subscription plans and sharing requirements. With a comprehensive understanding of the client’s needs, the team at Supreme Technologies set out to develop a flexible and scalable subscription plugin. The plugin’s architecture was designed with scalability in mind, ensuring it could adapt to future client subscription model changes.

Implemented Live Streaming

Recognizing the importance of enhancing the subscription model and sharing features to provide the client with a flexible and scalable solution. We need to adopt a comprehensive approach to analyzing the client’s existing subscription plans and sharing requirements for this. By gaining a deep understanding of the existing plans, developers could identify areas for improvement and optimization.


By successfully overcoming development challenges, we have delivered remarkable results that have revolutionized our client’s businesses. Our innovative solution has enhanced their offerings and empowered them to thrive in today’s digital landscape. Whether a world-renowned DJ, passionate teacher, dynamic fitness instructor, or dedicated healthcare professional, our client has witnessed significant benefits that have taken their businesses to new heights.

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