Empowering Artists and Listeners: Supreme Technologies’ Solutions for Music Platform

  • Extensive Music Library with a vast music collection from various genres and artists.
  • Live track calculations, trend analysis, and track search for a better user experience.
  • Artist-fan interaction fosters unique, personal bond, nurturing creator-audience connection.
  • Customize suggestions and playlists according to user tastes and listening habits.

Supreme Technologies, a leading software development company, undertook a project to enhance the functionality of SoundCloud, the world’s largest music and audio platform. The aim was to improve user experience, provide accurate track statistics, and optimize trend analysis. This case study highlights the challenges faced, solutions implemented, and the positive results achieved for the client.

Technologies Used

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About the Project

SoundCloud is renowned for its diverse music creator community and unique features that connect artists directly with their fans. Supreme Technologies collaborated with SoundCloud to tackle live track calculations, trend analysis, and track search accuracy challenges. The project involved front and backend development to address these issues and enhance user experience.


SoundCloud faced challenges in accurately calculating live playing tracks, determining trends, and improving the accuracy of track search results. These issues impacted user engagement, the discovery of new music, and the ability of music creators to monetize their content effectively. Our developers recognized the importance of resolving these challenges to maintain SoundCloud’s leading music and audio platform position.

Challenges Encountered

During the development and implementation of Indigo, Our team encountered several challenges that required thoughtful consideration and innovative solutions. These challenges included:

Live Playing Track Calculation

The existing system had difficulties accurately calculating the number of live-playing tracks, leading to discrepancies in track statistics and user engagement metrics.

Trend Analysis

The trend analysis feature required improvements to provide reliable and up-to-date data, enabling users to discover popular and trending music.

Track Search Accuracy

Users faced difficulty finding specific tracks due to inaccuracies in the search results. This impacted the overall user experience and hindered the platform’s usability.

Solutions We Offered

To address the challenges faced by SoundCloud, Supreme Technologies implemented a comprehensive set of solutions, focusing on the platform’s front and backend aspects. These solutions resulted in an enhanced platform, offering users an improved music discovery experience and empowering music creators with accurate metrics for their content.

Fixing the Listen Chart:

Our team of developers addressed issues with the listen chart on the dashboard, ensuring that it accurately reflected the number of live track plays. This involved analyzing the data flow and implementing necessary modifications to provide real-time and precise statistics to users.

Correcting Track Search Results:

The team focused on enhancing the accuracy and usability of track search results on the dashboard. They refined the search algorithms to deliver more relevant and accurate results, improving the overall user experience. By fine-tuning the search functionality, users could easily find the specific tracks they were looking for.

Live Listen by Countries:

We implemented the functionality to provide users real-time geographic data on live track plays. By leveraging location data, users could explore the popularity of tracks in different countries, gaining insights into global trends and music preferences.

UI Changes for Improved Experience:

The team made significant UI changes to enhance the SoundCloud platform’s overall user experience and navigation. They focused on optimizing the layout, improving visual aesthetics, and streamlining user interactions to ensure a seamless and engaging music discovery journey.

Fixing Trend Chart Issues:

Our developers addressed issues related to the trend chart functionality. They identified and resolved bugs or inconsistencies by thoroughly analyzing the existing codebase. This resulted in a reliable and accurate trend chart that displayed the latest trends and helped users stay updated with popular music.

Backend Solutions

SQL Query Optimization

We updated the SQL queries for data retrieval to improve performance and efficiency. We optimized the queries to reduce response times, enabling faster data processing and retrieval for various features on the platform.

Top Countries’ Statistics

 Supreme Technologies fixed issues with the statistics related to top countries. By analyzing data sources and refining data processing algorithms, they ensured that the statistics accurately represented the popularity of tracks across different regions, providing reliable and up-to-date information to users.

Update Spin Table Cron Fix

The team fixed issues with the cron job responsible for updating spin table data. By identifying and resolving any issues in the update process, they ensured that country data for trending analysis remained current and reliable.

Implementing Cron Jobs for Data Updates:

The team implemented cron jobs, automated tasks scheduled at specific intervals, to update latitude and longitude in the userAction table. This ensured that the geographic data remained up to date-and aligned with the latest user interactions on the platform.

Correcting Track Search Results

The team refined the track search algorithm on the backend to ensure accurate and relevant results. By analyzing user queries and implementing necessary improvements, we enhanced the search functionality, making it easier for users to find the tracks they were looking for.

Country Data Retrieval for Trending Analysis

We implemented cron jobs to retrieve country data, enabling accurate trending analysis. By fetching relevant information and integrating it into the trend analysis algorithms, they gave users real-time insights into popular tracks and music trends across different countries.

Listen, Download, and Live Play Count Corrections

The team addressed issues with the counting mechanisms for listens, downloads, and live plays of tracks. By implementing necessary fixes and ensuring accurate tracking of user interactions, they provided precise metrics for artists and users, facilitating better decision-making and content monetization.

Fixing Downloads and Listened to Percentage Calculations

 Supreme Technologies resolved issues related to the calculation of downloads and listened to percentages for accurate track statistics. By identifying and rectifying the calculation discrepancies, they provided reliable metrics to artists and users, enabling them to gauge the popularity and engagement of their tracks accurately.

Ensuring Accurate Live Count and Trends Page API

Our team performed necessary fixes to ensure the accurate tracking of live counts and functionality of the trends page API. This included rigorous testing and bug fixing


Our cloud-based software solution has revolutionized communication strategies for organizations across diverse industries. It transformed our client’s digital signage platform with the enhanced playlist module, seamless integration of popular third-party applications, and streamlined file conversion and management. Supreme Technologies’ commitment to addressing client needs, overcoming challenges, and providing innovative solutions has solidified Indigo as a game-changing software solution in digital signage and communication strategies.

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