Business Continuity

Business Infrastructure

Our clients are informed about all the events those are concerned to the functioning of information infrastructure 24×7 through various enabled services provided by our company on mobile phones by our dedicated IT department. As they take it as their responsibility.

Network Services Reliability

In case of failure of network, we have failover capabilities implementation for main network services such as: Development, Mail, DNS, Internet access, ADS. Moreover, for ensuring mail service retention and permanency, there is Mail Server backup for which is performed via two backup servers.

Disaster Recovery

Supreme Technology has a data and disaster recovery plans which comprises of A set of data fortification and other security related activities. Moreover, in case of each potential data loss situation it holds a data recovery scenarios. For instance: Computer hardware or software failure, virus affecting data storage, data loss due to human factors and so on. To minimise the risk factor at any notch, this program includes multiple components:

All our data is on Cloud services (like bitbucket,, Dropbox, One Drive). And we synch data on daily basis to avoid any losses. So that in case of data loss we have a copy of our data available online.


  • It ensures reliable recovery of information.
  • It helps in maintaining business continuity.
  • It protects business reputation.
  • 24×7 client support.
  • Long term cost saving
  • Non-disruptive system testing
  • Compliance of industrial regulations
  • Most vital i.e. “Peace of Mind”