22 seriously good reasons to go swimming

It’s a lifesaving skill

We thought we’d start with one that may be obvious but is potentially the best reason of all to go swimming – it’s a lifesaving skill!

By swimming regularly, whether for fitness or pleasure, you keep the skill fresh in your mind and without even realising it, every time you swim you strengthen the muscles and therefore become a stronger, slightly more skilled swimmer, ready for when you really need it.

It tones your muscles

So now onto one of the most popular benefits. Swimming is a really great, yet fairly easy way to tone up.

Here’s the science bit; water is 784 times denser than air, so swimming is a very effective way of toning your muscles, more than any other form of cardiovascular exercise done on land. Working out in water provides resistance, which has the similar effect as using weights; however, submersion in water creates an even, controlled resistance on the body, perfect for those who are not confident with lifting weights.

It is also a great cardio workout – aiding weight loss

Aside from toning, swimming also provides a good cardiovascular workout – cardiovascular, or “cardio”, means your heart really gets pumping which is good for heart health, making you fitter and burning calories, thus enabling weight loss.

It burns lots of calories – aiding weight loss

Swimming for just half an hour can burn up to 250 calories and seeing as a standard Cadbury’s Dairy Milk bar has 240 calories in it – do you need any more of a reason to swim?

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