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Quality Assurance

Supreme Technologies provides a broad array of independent QA software and testing services that adhere to the highest standards of security and industry. We are able to improve the quality of your product by using our testing facilities, vast QA experience, and team versatility while reducing, management risks and operational expenses.

The key part of our projects is affiliated with Quality Assurance. QA is an indefinable ideal for many companies. Software development companies with a QA staff that pay attention to its patrons face a grim absurdity. They need to meet enduring requests for immediately required software while trying to reach the lofty ideal of providing excellent products that have been tested as thoroughly as possible.

To put it differently, this service provides numerous sort of quality assurance testing for software, web and mobile.

Types of Testing

  • Functional testing is used for examining whether the produced products lights the desired stipulations and functional requirements defined in the development documentation. This will demonstrate if the product line up with your business idea and works as you had imagined it.
  • User interface testing is performed to ensure that the interface meets requirements of the users and other elements of tested product. Its purpose is to style the product spontaneously clear for manipulators by means of several signs, goads and descriptive messages that help to work with the system.
  • Automated testing is performed by means of a program without human intervention. Our QA doyens develop scripts that accelerate the progression of testing, intensify efficiency, and issue notification in case of errors.
  • Usability testing comprises of authentic handlers in testing the product. It delivers imperative response about how well folks can practice the product or the system. This is critical in winning client’s approval and acceptance.
  • Compatibility testing is used to check the evenness of verified products with certain hardware and software, operating systems and/or network environments.
  • Stress testing assist to regulate the ability of the program or website to persist steady under traumatic conditions, e.g., instantaneous uploads and crowning practicing.
  • Unit testing is based on local testing of specific components of the source code. It’s a technique to ensure their correct behaviour before the system integration.