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IT Consulting

In case of small businesses, IT consulting services can trigger successful company expansion. Supreme Technologies works as an IT consulting company helping to solve various problems that may arise when a new project starts up or when improving an existing one.

Services Offered

  • System Architecture Design

    This service helps large-scale systems to perform at high efficiency levels for multiple access, reliable data storage as well as rapid and precise data analysis. We have wide experience in website and systems architecture design and are ready to help you to design the workflow system of any complexity in the shortest time.

  • Feasibility Estimation

    Our expertise in IT management consulting and software project development allows us to determine if the project can be designed and developed according to the specifications and at what cost. Our company has a lot of experience in providing services involving initial project analysis and detailed estimation of resources needed for project implementation. You will get an initial analysis of your project with all the peculiarities of technologies, platforms and components taken into consideration. You will get time and man-hours required for the project.

  • Pilot Projects

    In the pilot project, the proposed concept can be proven, some technical issues resolved, and the project budget corrected. Pilot projects are usually created when there is not enough data to estimate a brand-new, never-done-before software project which has no precedence.

  • Software Specifications Development As, comprehensive and detailed software specification is vital for development teams. So, it clarifies what they are expected to do and contains detailed descriptions of the features of the system being developed.